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Universal Mandala Yoga

with Ivan Sviridov and Yevgeny Churochny
St. Petersburg, May 26-27.

The seminar will present in its own unique, creative sequences of Universal Mandala Yoga. Identical in the idea and structure of practice, have a different practical implementation. This seminar will demonstrate the diversity of creative approaches to creating sequences and implementing structural ideas in the practice of Universal Mandala Yoga.

Day 1-May 26 from 9.00-13.00. 30 minutes of theory + 2.5 hours of practice.
Trishul Mandala. (static practice of asanas, pranayamas and visualizations in a structure that looks like a "trident" of Shiva).

2 day -27 May from 9.00-13.00 30 minutes theory + 2.5 hours practice. Trishul Mandala. (practice with visualization of energy channels).

Each of these sequences is harmoniously balanced and has a beautiful structure. You will get the body worked out in all the basic directions of mobility and a deep balanced state of consciousness after practice. It is advisable to visit all theoretical and practical sessions to disclose the topic of the seminar!

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