Universal Mandala Yoga

with Ivan Sviridov and Yevgeny Churochny
Moscow, 2,3,16 and 17 June
yoga center "Prana"

The seminar will present in its own unique, creative sequences of Universal Mandala Yoga.

Identical in the idea and structure of practice, have a different practical implementation. This seminar will demonstrate the diversity of creative approaches to creating sequences and implementing structural ideas in the practice of Universal Mandala Yoga.

The first day, June 2
12: 00-12: 30 Theory.
Practice. Trishul Mandala (static practice of asanas, pranayamas and visualizations in structure, outwardly reminiscent of the trident of Shiva).

The second day, June 3
12: 00-12: 30 Theory
Practice. Trishul Mandala (with visualization of energy channels).
Theory (half an hour).

The third day, June 16
12: 00-12: 30 Theory.
Practice. Mandala of the Six-pointed star (static-dynamic sequence of vinyasas, asanas, pranayamas and visualizations by structure, which, according to the scheme of turns and the route of successive elaboration of the main parts of the body, resembles a six-pointed star).

Fourth day, June 17
12: 00-12: 30 Theory.
Practice. Mandala of the Six-pointed star (with visualizations and alignment of internal sensations resembling a hexagram in shape).
Theory (half an hour).

Each of these sequences is harmoniously balanced and has a beautiful structure. You will get the body worked out in all the basic directions of mobility and a deep balanced state of consciousness after practice. It is advisable to visit all theoretical and practical sessions to disclose the topic of the seminar!

Level of preparation: any, for all comers.

Location: Prana on Timiryazevskaya (Dmitrovskoe sh., 9, p. 2)

The cost before May 28 for 4 days - 5 500 rubles., 1 day - 1 500 rubles.
from May 29 for 4 days - 6 900 rubles., 1 day - 1 800 rubles.

* Participants in the certification courses of AV Lappa get a 30% discount!

During the seminar, our nonresident guests and participants will traditionally be able to spend the night in the yoga center "Prana" for free.

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